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Reference System

With Harta's RM-168 NIST traceable Luminometer Reference Microplate, it is now possible to determine proper functionality of any 96-well luminometer by comparing readings to an established baseline.
Many governmentalregulatory agencies as well as GLP / CLIA-88 call for laboratory instruments to be periodically tested for performance.
With the RM-168, this can now be performed conveniently and confidently.
Harta Instruments is OEM supplier to some of the largest Biomedical Instruments and Diagnostics companies.
Nearly all major pharmaceutical, reagent and diagnostics companies use our plates.

Compatible with any 96well luminometers
NIST traceability certification
Light output levels locked permanently
Reliable and rapid validation of machine’s performance
Dual redundant light sources
Up to seven decades of stable light sources
Extremely low level of lights allow test of machine’s sensitivity
Extremely stable light outputs (<5% annually)
Manual battery level check plus built-in low battery warning
Aircraft-grade CNC machined aluminum construction for durability
Compatible with all 96-well PMT and CCD based luminometers
User replaceable lithium batteries assures long service life
Includes storage case, battery replacement kit and tools


Wavelength: 540 nm (std), other wavelengths available as specialorder

NIST traceability certification

Polycarbonate lenses

Durable Black Anodized finish

Battery: LI battery -6V, 1 Ah

Light sources: Two independently closed-loop controlled, constant light level LEDs

Light outputs: 7 levels (wells A1 –A7) derived from primary LED source (7 decades of dynamic range)

1 (well A8) derived from the secondary LED source

Well A8 as secondary low battery warning

Long term Stability: 5%

Battery check: Red LED ON indicates good battery voltage

Compatible with PMT based and CCD (Camera) based luminescence readers

OEM customers: special configuration can be designed to suit your needs

Dimensions: 5.0”x 3.4”x 0.57”(SBS standard)

Weight: 8 Oz
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