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MicroLumi L2

Built strong with the highest quality materials, the L2 is originally designed to be used in the field. A small footprint allows the L2 to be used with minimal lab bench space, and its performance exceeds that of traditional, bulky machines through the use of more precise engineering techniques, control systems, and software. Options are also available to make the L2 a fully mobile unit. The L2 provides the perfect luminometric platform for professionals who needs result now

Very sensitive Proprietary Digital Photon Counting system
Zero background
Reading consistency between machines
USB interface
Excel-ready Lumiterm software
Robust mechanisms designed for field/mobile use
Advanced self-aligning system
Optional battery system available
Compact size
Maintenance free


Sensitivity: 10-20 moles of luciferase using Promega Bright Gloassay

Dynamic range: Max count: 268 x 106

Crosstalk:<2 x 10-6

Detector : Photomultiplier Tube (PMT)spectral sensitivity: 300nm –650 nmpeak sensitivity: 420 nm

Weight : 12 lbs / 5.45 Kg

Dimension : 8.25”x 6.0”x 12.5”(210 mm x 152mm x 318mm)
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